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To support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets. To maintain high level of integrity in interactions with business partners and associates. To provide a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally. 




SAMEL-90 PLC team consists of highly qualified managers, consultants, designers and pre-sale engineers. Total employees in the company are 400. 


SAMEL-90 was established in 1964 as a producer of military electronic equipment in order to satisfy the needs of the Bulgarian armed forces for electronic and communication equipment and is а 100% private company. It is situated at 60 km to the Southeast of the Capital of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia and hence it has got the advantage of easy reach. After 1990 the traditional range of special purpose products have expanded to the consumer electronics in telecommunications applications, specialized electronics for LED lighting industry, spare parts, TV network components, cash flow devices with fiscal memory etc. 


SAMEL-90’s products have high quality and reliability, guaranteed by the Quality Management and Assurance System ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001.

Since July 2004 SAMEL-90 has been certified according to the NATO AQAP 2110 requirements by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense and has got certificate CK No. 035/2011.

SAMEL-90 is a member in different NATO organizations as NAMSA, NC3A etc., which is certified by the following company registrations:

  • NAMSA code: 40000499994
  • CAGE code: 0002U
  • D-U-N-S number: 628154379
  • CCR number: AYZ87B
  • TPIN number: 75863891

Totally 26 from the products of Samel-90 are certified according to NATO codification system — NATO Stock Number (NSN).

SAMEL-90 is a member of the USA organization TRACE, which is an evidence for our company reputation on the international defense market.

SAMEL-90 regularly participates in all biggest defense exhibitions as:

  • IDEX — Abu Dhabi
  • EUROSATORY — Paris
  • DSEi — London
  • IDEF — New Delhi
  • DSA — Malaysia
  • Kuwait
  • DsS — Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkey
  • Egypt 


SAMEL-90 PLC supports business contacts with partners from over 35 countries all over the world. Over the years SAMEL-90 has set up business relationships as а permanent sub-contractor and partner with companies from the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, China, Thailand, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries from all over the world. In the field of military communications equipment, «Samel-90» is co-operating well with ВАЕ Systems — UK, Thales — France and ITT Industries — USA. 


  • Special purpose products: 40-50%
  • Industrial & Consumer products: 50-60%
  • General: Export — 75%
  • Domestic Market — 25% 


 SAMEL-90 has got а significant experience as а sub-contractor for а number of companies in the following activities and services:

  • Electronic products assembly and testing, including SMD assembly line
  • Machining and metal pressing
  • Production of precise mechanical parts
  • Aluminum casting
  • Plastic and rubber parts production
  • Design and manufacture of tools
  • Design and manufacture of ferrite and Piezo-ceramic parts
  • Galvanic coating and lacquering
  • Production of Armored vehicles
  • Special ceramic for protection of vehicles



Address: 18 Prespa str., Samokov 2000, Bulgaria 2000
Phone:+(359) 722 68201
Fax:+(359) 722 66337
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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