Black Tiger Karaoke Bar — Borovets

Black Tiger Karaoke Bar is an amazing place on the ski run, right in front of the Rila Hotel. The club has been open for years and has now turned into a favorite spot for many people who visited Borovets and its region. The bar offers diverse and delicious food during the day. At Black Tiger Bar you can try different kinds of salad, BBQ specialties, fish delicacies, stews, pizzas and incredible Turkish bread.

For the most hardcore skiers who don’t want to depart the track even at lunch, the bar offers an extensive lunch menu. That way you can dine while admiring the beauty of the ski slopes and the Rila Mountains

Tel.:  088 372 7972

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Working hours: All days from 08:00AM to 02:00AM

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Adress: Black Tiger, 2010, Borovets