Restaurant «Kokoshkova Kashta» — Samokov

The Kokoshkova Kashta has risen from the ashes like a phoenix to hospitably open its doors for its visitors and guests.

The house was built in 1898 and is home to Dr. Kokoshkov and his family. Later, in the 1900s, the house was destroyed by fire. But it underwent some rebuilding and redecorating in 2004.

The Kokoshkova Kashta keeps its spirit of dignity and hospitality combined with unobtrusive luxury. So we are today: a glamorous, welcoming and unforgettable place. Past, present and future meet there and stay in harmony. Every guest of the House who enters it, they enter a new world. There the Viennese and the Oriental style meet to tell stories about the Bulgarian town house from the 19th century. The trophies on the walls and the fire at the fireplace talk old sayings and legends. The delight and contemplation are in the garden, too. There the fountain, the cypress trees and the tables made of common teak tempt you to have a rest with a cup of coffee or a glass of favorite drink.

With its style of Bulgarian National Revival and its European style, the Kokoshkov’s house is one of the most recognizable monuments in the town of Samokov. The house is a place of art, as well. It is a gallery full with over 50 works of the greatest masters from the Art Academy of Samokov — Naum Hadjimladenov, Hristo Yontchev — Kriskareca, Slavi Genev, Georgi Belstoinev...

Be our special guest! Choosing us gives you excellent service, comfort and a cozy atmosphere. We are expecting you!

Phone: +359722 66432; +359882 891723

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Adress: Samokov, 2000, 84, Tzar Boris III, Str.