Tavern «Sote» — Samokov

Механа "При Соте" - Самоков

Tavern Sote is a magical place for relaxation and culinary celebration in the town of Samokov. Located in the Tourist Garden of the city, the tavern is a natural extension of the atmosphere, an ideal opportunity to relax in a beautiful garden, amidst the warm embrace of the many flowers, greenery and privacy of the separated tables.

In the closed part of the tavern the feeling of coziness and warmth is imparted by the combination of stone and wood, presented in the most beautiful combination.

Wherever you stay — in the garden or inside — by the fireplace, your special presence is welcomed by the natural warm smiles of the staff.

The menu at Tavern Sote is a culinary feast. A combination of traditional Bulgarian cuisine — chevermetas, roasted lambs, whole pigs, stewed or roasted rabbit, homemade bread, homemade bread, Serbian grill! And what about the fish specialties — you have to eat everything here — fresh trout on a pan or grill, perch and other sea temptations!

Try the Samokov specialties — Samokov Sach, a variety of potato casseroles, pudding with locus nuts, samokov herb!

This whole culinary extravaganza will make you come back here again and again!

Tavern Sote offers you its coziness and atmosphere for your every holiday — family weddings, christenings, anniversaries, as well as corporate events on very good terms!

For anyone who wants to get a taste of the tavern’s tasty cuisine, Pri Sote offers catering, home delivery on request. Within the city, transportation is free!

There is also a varied lunch menu every day!

Well, you have to see for yourself and enjoy the magic — Tavern Sote!



Tel.: +359 (0) 886 11 24 11

Tel.: +359 (0) 898 77 66 52

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Working hours: All days from 09:00AM to 12:00PM

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